Ultimate Guide To Cost Of Living Coral Springs FL

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Ultimate Guide To Cost Of Living Coral Springs FL

There are many reasons people decide to relocate. Whatever the reason may be, we know that before doing so, the cost to relocate needs to be calculated. Relocating to Coral Springs FL, could be your best decision yet.

People look to move to Coral Springs FL, for its overall livability. There’s a low crime rate, family atmosphere, thriving businesses, and top-rated schools. But what would the cost of living Coral Springs FL, amount to?

In this article, we will look to answer these questions so that you have a clear understanding of relocation costs.

Cost Of Living Coral Springs FL

Overview Of Living Costs

The cost of living in Coral Springs is 19% higher than the national average of Coral Springs housing. Florida’s general sales tax is 18% higher than the national average. However, Florida’s state income tax is 100% lower than the national average. You do not pay income tax here.

People who own homes in Coral Springs have a median income of about $87,433. Renters have a slightly different median income, which is $47,008, and based on this average, renters should spend no more than $1,097 on all rental costs.

To determine if you can live off your salary in Coral Springs, you need to consider several things, including daily expenses like groceries, utilities, transportation, entertainment, mortgage, insurance, etc.

The median household income in Coral Springs is $77,360, which is 38% more than that of the state. The median income for an individual is $36,243, which is 16% more than that of the state.

Buying A House

Located about 20 miles northwest of Fort Lauderdale, there are roughly 132,500 residents who live in the urban city of Coral Springs FL. It is known for beautiful natural parks like Sawgrass Nature Center and Conservation of the Everglades. 

There are quite a few neighborhoods that make up this city. Therefore the city has strict city building codes to ensure all new construction and development does not disrupt the artistic appeal. 

In Coral Springs, most residences own their own homes, and there is a wide selection of condos, townhouses, and single-standing family homes to choose from.  

If you consider the average home price in Coral Springs, it will cost approximately $294,300.00. The national average is $184,700.00, which means Coral Springs is 59.3% more expensive. The average mortgage payment on a house like this will cost $1,666.18.

You have two purchasing options to factor into your cost of living in Coral Springs FL when buying a house;  

  • Cash: where you pay the full cost of the house, including all fees and taxes or
  • Mortgage: in which case the bank provides you with a loan, and you will need to have enough money to cover the down payment on the home and all additional fees and taxes

But the cost of buying a house in Coral Springs does, of course, vary with size. However, the houses usually range between $200 000 to $ 2 million.  See the table below for an idea of house pricing:

4 beds2 baths2122 sqft$575,000
5 beds3 baths3396 sqft$629,000
6 beds4 baths3431 sqft$750,000

Should you wish to buy an apartment, pricing per square meter to buy in the city center is approximately $1,291.67.

With the right agent, you would be able to swoop up the house or apartment you have your eye on. Do a little research on a real estate company or agent, ensuring they are registered and certified with all the appropriate boards.

Agents are familiar with the neighborhoods and laws of purchasing in Coral Springs, so liaising with one will be extremely convenient.  


If you are not ready to buy, renting will be your next option. You will note there is a price difference between renting in the city and renting outside the city, with ‘in the city’ being pricier. 

  • $2,636.67 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center
  • $950 for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the center
  • $1,855.00 for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center
  • $1,366.67 for a three-bedroom apartment outside of the center

When renting, it is important to remember to budget for a deposit. Landlords usually request an upfront deposit, typically one to two months’ rent. Also, remember to obtain


$160.98 is the basic electricity, heating, cooling, water, and garbage costs for an 85m2 Apartment. This is usually included in the rental fee. A prepaid energy bill could be approximately around $151.49.

The internet could cost you around $70.57 for 60 Mbps or more, unlimited data, cable/ADSL. This is more than enough to access what you need. The average household only needs about 25Mbps a month for basic streaming like Netflix, Youtube, Zoom meetings, and online games.

Groceries and Entertainment

When it comes to the cost of living in Coral Springs FL, a trip to the grocery store for your weekly essentials will cost about $30 and is calculated as follows:

  • milk $2.96 for a one-liter
  • loaf of fresh white bread (500g) $3.11 
  • rice 1kg $4.41  
  • ground beef $5   
  • potatoes $4,99   
  • dozen eggs $2.25
  • local cheese 1kg $ 7.72        
  • chicken fillets 1kg $10.64        
  • toothpaste $2.04        
  • shampoo $1.07

If you’re just grabbing a takeaway, a Mcdonald’s combo meal will cost around $8. Cigarettes and domestic or imported beer will cost $10.84, and a regular cappuccino will cost around $5.

Goods & Services

For a haircut, you can expect to pay $14.47, which is standard across the board. If you go to a professional for self-care, you could also spend approximately $15 at a beauty salon.

A trip to the movies could cost around $11.82, and if you enjoy the occasional outing to the bowling alley, you will spend around $20.88 for the evening. 

Should you wish to pop out to the restaurants, a meal at an inexpensive restaurant will cost approximately $15.00. And a three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant will cost approximately $75.

Health Care

When you move and want to know the cost of living in Coral Springs FL, you’ll need to look for new medical practitioners. So as soon as you settle, get yourself acquainted with the people and the new city so that they can help you out with all the local information.

A service for an optometrist will cost around $135.56, which is 24.9% higher than the national average. A doctor’s visit will cost around $102.25, which is actually 12% less than the national average. And a dentist visit will cost $106.04, which is 7% more than the national average.


Coral Springs falls under the Broward County School District, which operates 12 elementary schools, four middle schools, and three public high schools. These schools rank well which have received awards and recognitions over the years.

Coral Springs FL also offers private schooling. For an idea of costs, see table below:

Atlantis AcademyStudents: 141Special Education SchoolKindergarten-12Average class size: 15 studentsYearly Tuition: $18,650
St. Andrew Catholic SchoolStudents: 380Prepares students in a spiritual, academic, and nurturing environment.Prekindergarten-8Average class size: 25 studentsYearly Tuition: $4,800
Center Academy PrepStudents: 82Special Education SchoolGrades: 5-12Average class size: 18 studentsYearly Tuition: $16,270

Learning environments in Coral Springs are safe and a place to focus on academics as well as fun and exciting extracurricular programs including enrichment opportunities. 

Here, children develop academically, socially, and personally to reach their highest potential. This is accomplished by teachers, staff, and parents working together. 

Preschool full day at a private school monthly for one child could cost approximately $687.50. At an international primary school for one child, you can expect to pay $8000 for the year. 

Home Security

Considering that you will be moving to a brand new location, you might consider a home security system. This added security in an unfamiliar setting will make you feel more comfortable and less stressed. 

For budget purposes, when considering the cost of living Coral Springs FL, SimpliSafe offers a high-tech DIY security system. A 36-month contract for monitoring services costs between $36 – %53 monthly. It is monitored by professionals, No contracts, Wireless, no drilling or landline required, Easy to set up yourself.

Cox is considered to be a good overall security system. Homelife Automation costs $20 per month for a base Homelife package and $40 per month for Homelife security. 

Cypress Trace Security, Inc. is locally owned and is a trusted professional in-home installation in the South Florida area. They offer various services and products and should be contacted for a quote. 

Prizm Alarms offers a stunning GoControl Security Alarm Kit for $199. Add Monthly Subscription Cost (+$39.99) and Extra Door/Window Sensor (+$65.00 as well as Extra Motion Detector (+$75.00). Apart from that, they also offer various services that can be viewed on their website. 

Driver’s License

The most convenient way to get around Coral Springs FL, is by car. But, as to be expected, it does come at a price. This is why you can include this in your cost of living. 

Apart from vehicle payments, gas will cost around $2.24. Then there’s the vehicle insurance and maintenance that needs to be budgeted. 

In Coral Springs FL, you can obtain a driver’s license from the age of 16.

The Certification of Minor Driving Experience Form must be completed by A parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult over 21 years old. This is to certify that the driver has 50 hours of driving experience, of which 10 hours must be at night.

You would need to pass an eye test and a theory test about the rules and safety of the road. 

Written Tests (including CDL tests) – First attempt$6.25
Re-exam written tests$16.26
Driving Test – First attempt$6.25
Re-exam driving test$26.25

If you’re upgrading from Learner License to Class E License (Learner License must be surrendered), you can expect to pay $6.25

If you’re upgrading from a Learner License to Class E License with name/address change then the fee would be $31.25.

Public Transport

But if you need to rely on public transportation, here are some options for the cost of living n Coral Springs FL.

The community bus is free for Coral Springs residents. Operating hours are Mon –Fri 8-6pm; Sat 8-5pm; Sun 12-5pm.

Broward County Transit 

Senior Fares (65 and older) – Premium Express One-Way Cash Fare Reduced $1.30

College Bus Pass – 31 Day College Bus Pass $50

Adult Fares (Ages 19-64)One-Way Cash Fare $2All Day Pass $531 Day Adult Bus Pass $70
Youth Fares (18 years or younger)One-Way Cash Fare Reduced $1All Day Bus Pass Reduced $431 Day Bus Pass Reduced $40
Medicare or Disability FaresOne-Way Cash Fare Reduced $1All Day Bus Pass Reduced $431 Day Bus Pass Reduced $40

Proof of age, disability, and a veteran card are required for a senior and disability reduced fare.

Long-Distance Moving Cost 

For a stress-free journey, it would be wise to call on professional movers. They can pack your entire home or office if you need them to. Or just help finish last-minute boxing. And if you need storage containers, no problem, they offer this service as well.  

Movers will also provide you with accurate costs to calculate your move so that it works with your cost of living budget. It’s just peace of mind, and they take the best care of your items and ensure that they arrive safely and on time.


Coral Springs is an incredible place to live. With approximately 44 parks, there’s always something to do. Therefore many residents live an active lifestyle. 

This town is loaded with great restaurants and loads of comfy coffee shop locations. The vibe is great, and all of this makes it easy to fall in love with this Coral Springs. The cost of living in Coral Springs is only slightly higher than the national average, which is good compared to other areas. 

Relocating is a big decision that can be made when you have all the costs in front of you and a good plan.

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